Software Quality Solutions
Software Quality Solutions LLC

Software Quality Solutions (SQS) provides IT services to businesses helping them develop, deliver and maintain, quality software applications and products.

SQS provides service to businesses in various industries such as Retail, Telecommunication, Insurance, Finance, e-Commerce and Healthcare.

SQS believes that the process of ensuring quality of a software, starts not at the testing phase, but, way ahead, with a clear understanding of the customer requirement. And, understanding of the customer requirement by all IT personnel involved, such as, Business Analyst, Developers, QA, etc. is imperative to deliver a quality product.

With a growing demand to deliver software at a rapid pace, the QA department is challenged to be on top of things. A QA personnel should have a holistic understanding of the system, and be able to identify the impact of a change in the software, on the entire application. For these and several reasons, SQS believes in providing QA services as a solution, rather than just a software testing service to their clients.