Software Quality Solutions LLC
Raja Ismail (Founder & CEO)

SQS was established in the year 2008 by Raja Ismail (Founder & CEO). Raja Ismail has 18+ years of experience in IT, specializing in QA. He has performed QA services for several organizations in various industries, such as, Telecommunication, Insurance, Finance, e-Commerce, Retail and Healthcare. He has played a significant role as QA Manager, QA Lead, Sr. QA Analyst, in his assignments, executing the various phases of testing, such as, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, Interface Testing, API Testing, End-to-End Testing, etc. He has also supported Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and Production Verification Testing (post production validation).

Raja Ismail understands that process of ensuring quality of a business application/software, starts right at the beginning of requirements gathering, and applies to each phase of the software development life cycle, such as, Design, Development, Testing and Release to production. He believes that to perform efficient QA of a software, a QA personnel must be able to put themselves in the shoes of an end user, and understand the details of the requirements, and realize the need and benefit of the requirements. This is equally important for every personnel involved in the design, development, testing and delivery of the software product.

SQS adheres to these principles in its QA service to customer, to ensure quality of business application/software.