Software Quality Solutions
Software Quality Solutions LLC
SQS provides IT services, primarily, Quality Assurance (QA) of the Business Software/Application. In addition to QA services, SQS also provides software development services.

Quality Assurance (QA): Manual and Automated Testing Efforts

Manual Testing:

SQS provides consultancy services to effectively plan, develop and execute the manual testing efforts of their business software/application. SQS services include white box and black box testing, and covers various phases of testing, such as, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, Interface Testing, API Testing, End-to-End Testing, etc. SQS also supports Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and Production Verification Testing (post production validation).

Automated Testing:

In the Automated Testing area, SQS provides consultancy service to effectively plan, develop and execute automated tests that measure the quality of the business application. This includes developing automated tests for each user function, and all the automated tests forms the building blocks of a regression test suite. The regression test suite is execute to regression test the entire application, before a release to production.

SQS strives to ensure that a business software/application developed in an organization, meets allthe functional and performance requirements. SQS verifies that each individual functions built in the software, is bug free, and executes the business function accurately. SQS ensures that the business application on the whole, is stable, reliable, and bug free, and meets customer requirements and expectations.


SQS also provides consultancy services in the area of software development, and business analysis. SQS provides software development services in various architecture such as .Net or Java based.

SQS also provides consultancy services to implement Oracle ERPs in entirety or specific modules, such as, Oracle CRM (including Incentive Compensation), Order Management, Supply Chain, Finance, HR, etc. SQS also provides Reporting and Middleware services such as Oracle Fusion.

Industries: SQS provides services to businesses in various industries, such as Retail, Telecommunication, Insurance, Finance, e-Commerce and Healthccare.